Feedback From Final Year Students

Atul Vidya Mandir's

Rajarshee Shahu Science College, Chandur Railway

Dist.- Amravati - 444904

Accredited with B+Grade by NAAC, Bengaluru

Feedback Form for the Academic Year: 2020-21

  1. How easy was the class curriculum for you?
  2. How often were you evaluated in the course of your class?
  3. Do you think the final year class provided the right amount of theoretical and practical experience during online teaching?
  4. Rate the appropriateness of the sequence of the courses provide in the curriculum.
  5. Rate the depth of syllabus of the courses in relation to the competencies expected by industry/current global scenarios.
  6. Rate the sequence of the units/modules in the courses.*
  7. Rate the adequateness of the textbooks and reference books mentioned for the courses.
  8. Rate the design of the courses in terms of extra learning or self-learning.
  9. How helpful was the online platform provided to you?
  10. The institute takes active interest in promoting internship, student exchange, and field visit opportunities for students.
  11. On a scale of 1 to 7, 7 being the highest, how would you rate the teachers for the knowledge they possess about the topic being taught?