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Atul Vidya Mandir’s, Wardha

Rajarshee Shahu Science College Chandur

Virul Road opposite Govt.ITI, Dist. Amravati 444904
Affilated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University
NAAC Accredited by Grade A with CGPA 3.01 (2nd Cycle)
ISO 9001:2015 Certified College

Research Publications - Academic session (2018-2019)

  • S.V. Manohare, Dr. S. S. Thakare (March 2019). Synthesis and Antibacterial screening of Schiff bases Derived From3-(5-Bromothiophen-2-YI)-1H Pyrazole 4- car aldehyde. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment Vol. 23(11).Pg. No 729-733
  • Saroj.N.Dhote, Dr. S. S. Thakare, March 2019. Synthesis of New Non -Symmetric Substituted Triazines and Triazine derivatives By SN AR reaction Mechanism. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (IJPSR). Vol. 10(8): Pg. No 3741-3745.
  • Manoj P. Waghmare, Avinash.G.Yette. (Feb-2019). Recent Trend in N-LIST and NDL. Research Journey 'International E-Research Journal'. Issues No 110(A). Pg. No 370-374.
  • Avinash G. Yette, Manoj P. Waghmare, Dr. Virendrakumar L. Barde Dr. Sanjay M. Salwe (Feb 2019). Skill Required for LIS Professional in the Age of Library Automation. Scholars Impact 'International Multidisciplinary Multilingual. Peer Reviewed Research Journal' Speciallssues Pg. No 266-268
  • Manoj P. Waghmare. (March- 2019). Role of NDL-India in Academic Library AJANTA: Peer Review Refereed Journal. Vol. VIII Issuse I, Part XII Pg. No 48-54.
  • Dr.A.P.Pachkawade. (Feb-2019). Evaluating the parameters like radial profile as well as emission of a laser beam on different electron temperature. International Journal of current Engineering and Scientific research (IJCESR). Special Issues 110.Pg. No 58-62.
  • Dr. A.P Pachkawade, K.PKadam. (Feb-2019). Variation of electrolytic current when applied voltage during glow discharge.International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology. Volume Special Issues 110. Pg. No 67-71.
  • S.S Kaware, Dr.A.PPachkawade, G.T. Lamdhade. (Feb-2019). Effect of Deposition Rate on the structural and optical properties of copper sulphide Thin Films.Research Journal International E-research UGC approved journal. Special Issues 110. Pg. No 259-263.
  • Dr.A.PPachkawade, V.K Jadhav. (March-2019). Characteristics of any laser are the Divergence of its output radiation which plays important role in the determination of Photon Flux. Research Journal International E-research UGC approved journal. Pg. No110.
  • Dr.A.PPachkawade, S.K Devade. (Feb-2019). Structural and Optical properties ofZnS for study of thickness of dependent thin film. International Journal of Contemporary studies.ISSN 4256-0960 special Issues..110. Pg.
  • A.B. Wadekae, D.A Pund, A.B Naik, Dr.S.SPadhen. (Feb-2019). Assessment of Thermodynamic Parameters of Substituted Thiocarbamidonaphthol. Research Journal International E-research UGC approved journal. Special Issues 110 (B) Pg. No 380-383
  • D.T. Tyade,S.S. Padhen, S.A. Waghmare. (Feb-2019). Ultrasonic Measurements of (2e)-1- (4-Thiocarbamidophenyl) -3-(3,4-Dimethoxyphenyl) Prop-2-En-1-one At 600c in 70% Dioxane-Water Mixtures. Research Journal International E-research UGC approved journal. Special Issue 110. Pg. No 374-379
  • Dr. S.S Padhen, S.A. Waghmare. (Jan-2019). At constant concentration viscometric measurement of 1-phenyl 3-(4 (3 ethylimino-1, 2, 4-dithiazolo) aminophenol} prop-2- ene-1 one in 70% ethanol water mixture using various temperature. Journal of Applied Science and Computations. Volume VI Issues I, Pg. No 934-935.