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Sr. No. Activity Marks
I a) Participation in N.C.C. for the whole year 5
b) Passing B. Cert. Examination 2
c) Passing C. Cert. Examination 2
d) Selection for Republic Day parade 3
II a) Participation in N.S.S. for 24 hours 1
(Maximum 120 hours for whole year)
(Maximum 5 marks for whole year)
b) Participation in NSS for whole year with one camp 6
c) Participation in NSS for whole year with two camps 7
III a) Participation in Inter collegiate 3
b) Tournaments or events (University level) (per event) -
c) Participation in Inter University Tournaments events (per event) 5
IV a) Participation in cultural activities such as Debates, Dramas, Music Competitions etc. at the centres (Inter-Collegiate) recognized by the University, (per event) 3
b) Inter University Participation in the above activities (per events) 4
V Donation of blood each time (Maximum 5 marks) 2
VI Collection of vital & other Statistics required by scheme State Government as per Government 5
VII Home Guard
a) Participation in Home Guard
b) Participation and Camp 5
VIII Participation of Non NSS student in Mass Program for Functional literacy (MPFL) by way of making at least one person functionally literate -
IX Paper published by students
a) For award winning at National Level
d) Selection for Republic Day parade 2