Goals & Objectives

  1. To motivate the students of rural area for developing science culture & scientific attitude by providing science education.
  2.    To develop the property of inquisitiveness in the students to maintain excellent quality in education in general & science education in particular.
  3.    To cultivate national integration, patriotism, secularism & wider vision among the students.
  4.    To develop educational, social and cultural awareness in    students.
  5.    To prepare & provide atmosphere so as to develop personality, creativity, moral values & team work among the students.
  6.    To develop among the student the competence as well as confidence for self employment & for competitive   examination.
  7.    To promote use of computer facility in every area of education.
  8.    To create interest & faith among the students about scientific attitude & try to eradicate superstitions in community.
  9.    To transform the students as a social worker and ideal   citizens who can contribute to the Nation building.
  10. To develop the ability among the students to meet the challenge of facility changing   
    & increasingly competitive world with positive approach.