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Students Feedback Form

Faculty Name:
Subject Taught:
Percentage of class Attended:

Dear Student,
You are requested to give your frank and objective opinion about the teaching of faculty on under mentioned points. It will help us to improve and maintain the quality of teaching, Your response will be kept confidential. Rank each point on a five point scale. Enter responses by filling 1 (one) for selecting the option and 0 (zero) for rest of the options.

Section A

Sr. No. Points Very Poor Poor Average Good Excellent
1. Ability to bring conceptual clarity and promotion of thinking ability by teacher
2. Motivation Provided
3. Teachers Communication Skill
4. Teachers Regularity and Punctuality
5. Teachers Subject Knowledge
6. Completion and Coverage of Course
7. Complements theory with practical example
8. Ability to demonstrate experiments during practical session
9. Cordiality with the Students
10. Teacher interaction and guidance outside of the class
11. Teachers computer / IT skills, if applicable.
12. Teachers overall performance

Section B

Sr. No. Points Yes No Difficult to Say No Comments
1. Results of test declared within 1 weeks of it being conducted
2. Adiquate number of assignments and cases given
3. Would you recommend him / her to teach the same subject to your juniors
4. would you recommond him / her to teach you any other subject
5. In your opinion is this syllabus is adequate

Section C

(a) What are the strengths of the teacher? (eg. ability of teaching not bad but course is not complete at the time so student prepare to final exam)

(b) What are the areas of weaknesses in teacher? (eg. not able to teach week student)

(c) Any other suggestion (regarding curriculum, subject/(s), faculty)